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New GStreamer plug-in from Texas Instruments provides a uniform open source multimedia framework for OMAP35x processors and DaVinci™ technology

Embedded Linux developers can reuse software library code to save time and get multimedia products to market faster

May 19, 2009

HOUSTON (May 19, 2009) - Minimizing the complexity of software integration with a uniform open source multimedia framework, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced a new GStreamer plug-in for developers designing with OMAP35x processors and digital media processors based on DaVinciTM technology. With the new GStreamer plug-in, embedded Linux developers can leverage an open source library to incorporate audio and video playback, audio and video synchronization and recording capabilities into their designs.

The plug-in helps optimize systems to utilize the hardware accelerators or the digital signal processor (DSP) for processing-intensive tasks, such as video and audio decoding/encoding. This frees the ARM® to handle other tasks so developers can deliver a feature-rich multimedia experience with improved Web browsing and video streaming through products such as media players, video editors and capture encoders. Additionally, the plug-in builds on top of TI's digital video software development kits (DVSDK) to leverage TI's codec engine. The same plug-in code can be re-used across TI's OMAP35x, TMS320DM355, TMS320DM644x and TMS320DM6467 processors. For more information, click here.

GStreamer plug-in key features and benefits:

  • Uniform framework allows for code re-use across TI's processors based on DaVinci technology (DM644x, DM355 and DM6467) and OMAP35x devices
  • An extensible, industry-standard and open source framework allows developers to easily incorporate their own modules or interface with hundreds of community plug-ins (muxers, demuxers, codecs and filters)
  • Pipeline engine allows developers to create custom workflows and omits need to write a new application for each use-case
  • Plug-in leverages TI's eXpressDSPTM Digital Media (xDM)-based elements for plug-and-play codecs, which eliminates need for custom code per codec
  • An open source portal enables collaborative development with the community

Support and tools

The TI GStreamer plug-in can be downloaded here. Customers can use open source resources (mailing lists and forums) for support. For detailed support or custom features, RidgeRun, a member of the TI Developer Network (www.ti.com/dspdevnetwork), is available for contract support.

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