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National Semiconductor Introduces 1.5A Buck Regulator with Industry-Leading Low Quiescent Current and High Feedback Voltage Accuracy

National’s LM26001 Features Best-in-class Low Quiescent Current of 40 uA, 1.5 Percent Feedback Accuracy for Demanding Automotive Applications

May 15, 2006

May 15, 2006 - National Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE: NSM) today introduced a 1.5A buck regulator with industry-best quiescent current (Iq) and feedback voltage accuracy for stringent automotive applications, such as dashboard and infotainment systems, that must provide basic functionality even in standby mode. 

The LM26001 has a low sleep-mode Iq of just 40 uA, compared to typical competitive solutions that offer 100 uA Iq.  A 1.5 percent feedback accuracy meets the regulation needs of the latest microcontroller, microprocessor and DSP core voltages.  These best-in-class specifications make the LM26001 well-suited for automotive applications, as well as battery-powered medical and measurement applications, including portable insulin pumps and blood pressure monitors that require continuous operation.

“National’s LM26001, with its ultra-low quiescent current and easily controlled operating frequency, offers designers the ability to meet the demanding specifications of automotive applications, such as GPS receivers and infotainment systems, where consumers expect performance even in very low-power situations,” said Mal Humphrey, business unit director for National Semiconductor’s Power Management Group.  “The LM26001 is National’s latest product optimized for automotive applications and joins the company’s wide range of power products, op amps, temperature sensors and data converters for this market.”
National will demonstrate the LM26001 at PCIM Europe, located in Nuremberg, Germany, from May 30 to June 1 in Hall 12, Booth 124.

Earlier this month, National announced that the company received ISO/TS16949 certification from Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Certification Incorporated.  The certification includes requirements of the ISO9001:2000 as well as the ISO/TS16949:2002 standard, which meets the stringent quality requirements of automotive customers.

About the LM26001
The LM26001 is a switching regulator designed for the high-efficiency requirements of battery-powered applications requiring always-on stand-by modes.  It has a low-current sleep mode to maintain high efficiency under light load conditions and current-mode control for optimal performance over a wide input voltage range.  Quiescent current, the current consumed by the device when not switching, is typically 10 uA in shutdown mode and less than 40 uA in sleep mode.  The LM26001 also has forced pulse-width modulation (PWM), frequency adjust and clock synchronization inputs.  These features allow system designers to control the operating frequency to avoid interference with other electronics.

The LM26001 can deliver up to 1.5A of continuous load current with a fixed current limit through the internal N-channel switch.  It has a wide input voltage range from 4.0V to 38V and can operate with input voltages as low as 3V during cold-crank transients.  The operating frequency is adjustable from 150 kHz to 500 kHz with a single resistor and can be synchronized to an external clock. Other features include power good, adjustable soft-start, enable pin, input under-voltage protection and an internal bootstrap diode for reduced component count.  The LM26001 is housed in a TSSOP-16 package.

National’s Analog Technology Makes Automobiles Smarter
National has supplied semiconductors to the automotive market since silicon made its first appearance in vehicles more than four decades ago.  With a broad analog portfolio of automotive-ready products, National's chips can be found in nearly every automobile subsystem.  Its power management technology, high-speed data conversion and interface products, precision operational amplifiers, temperature sensors and display drivers provide the key components for a range of systems from today's car alarms to emerging systems such as telematics, infotainment, driver information and automation systems, wireless connectivity, in-vehicle networking and drive-by-wire.  For more information on National's automotive products, visit http://www.national.com/appinfo/automotive.

About National’s Power Management Products
National Semiconductor is the number one supplier of power management ICs with 14.1 percent market share, according to iSuppli’s 2005 Voltage Regulator/Reference Survey.  National’s power management revenue grew 37.3 percent in 2004 over the previous year, compared to 24 percent growth for the industry.  National's innovative power management products include best-in-class linear regulators; power monitoring, control and reference ICs; and switching converters, such as high-voltage ICs for DC-DC conversion, switched capacitor converters, lighting management ICs and inductive switching converters.  National also offers online tools that enable power designers to select the best power management chips for their applications.  National's Webench® design tool allows designers to choose a product, create and analyze a design, and then build custom prototypes that can be delivered within 24 hours.  More information about National’s power management products is available at http://power.national.com.

Pricing and Availability
The LM26001 is priced at $3.00 in 1,000-unit quantities.  Samples and evaluation boards are available through local National sales representatives at http://www.national.com/support/dir.html.  For more information about the LM26001 please visit http://www.national.com/pf/LM/LM26001.html. To view a high-resolution downloadable photo of this product, visit National's photo gallery at http://www.national.com/company/pressroom/gallery/power.html.

About National Semiconductor
National Semiconductor, the industry's premier analog company, creates high-value analog devices and subsystems.  National's leading-edge products include power management circuits, display drivers, audio and operational amplifiers, communication interface products and data conversion solutions.  National's key analog markets include wireless handsets, displays and a variety of broad electronics markets, including medical, automotive, industrial, and test and measurement applications.  Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, National reported sales of $1.91 billion for fiscal 2005, which ended May 29, 2005.  Additional company and product information is available at www.national.com.