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Knowledge is Power: National Semiconductor Embarks on New Tour of Power Design Technical Courses in 14 Cities

Industry Experts To Provide Fresh Insights on Power Supply Design in One-day Technical Training Courses

Aug 21, 2007

August 21, 2007 – National Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE:NSM) is launching a new series of “Knowledge is Power” technical courses on power management design in 14 cities throughout Europe and Israel between Sept. 17 and Oct. 11, 2007.  This course complements National’s recently completed Power Seminars by focusing on tips and tricks for power supply designers working with switch-mode controllers, isolated power supplies, Power over Ethernet and LED lighting. 

The courses will be taught by industry experts, including Professor Nicola Femia from the University of Salerno/Italy; power management specialists from National Semiconductor, a leader in power management design; and Coilcraft, a worldwide leader in chip inductors and power magnetics. 

The training sessions will cover techniques, topologies and tools, accompanied by practical application examples, to address power supply design challenges. Each one-day course consists of four training segments:

  • Control Techniques for Switching Power Supplies
    Practical step-by-step design optimization procedures for the control of various DC-DC converter topologies with particular emphasis on the exploration of feasible system design.   
  • Flyback Design
    Flyback converter design featuring the LM5001 high-voltage switch-mode regulator and Power-over-Ethernet design examples with National’s LM5072 and LM5073 controllers.   
  • Optimizing Inductor Selection for Power Supplies
    Selecting inductors for different topologies, with an emphasis on practical examples for buck and boost converters (up to 40v in, 3A out).   
  • Constant-Current Regulators
    Overview of constant-current regulators with examples of hysteretic-mode, constant on-time and pulse-width modulation (PWM) converter topologies, often used for high-brightness LED drivers.

The registration fee for the full-day technical courses is 99,00 Euro and includes refreshments, lunch and seminar material (presentation handouts, application cookbook, CD-ROM). For detailed information and registration, see www.national.com/see/powercourses.

Seminar Dates and Locations:

September 17:
September 18:
September 19:
September 20:
September 24:
September 25:
September 26:
September 27:
October 1:
October 2:
October 3:
October 4:
October 9:
October 11:

  Munich, Germany
Stuttgart, Germany
Zurich, Switzerland
Copenhagen, Denmark
Bracknell, UK  
Manchester, UK
Paris, France
Vienna, Austria
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Barcelona, Spain
Verona, Italy
Milan, Italy
Tel Aviv, Israel
Stockholm, Sweden
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