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Texas Instruments announces industry’s lowest power DSPs, now running at 150 MHz performance

New TMS320C5504/05 ultra-low-power DSPs offer 25 percent higher performance while reducing system cost by more than 20 percent, targeting portable and battery-powered applications

Sep 7, 2010

DALLAS (September 7, 2010) — Allowing designers to create energy-efficient portable and battery-powered applications at higher levels of performance, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced the availability of TMS320C5504 and TMS320C5505 ultra-low-power digital signal processors (DSPs) at 150 MHz, providing 25 percent higher performance than previous C55x devices.

            The C5504 and C5505 processors offer the industry’s lowest total power at less than 0.15 mW/MHz and standby power at less than 0.15 mW. The processors feature up to 320 KB of on-chip memory and multiple integrated peripherals that reduce system cost by more than 20 percent compared to earlier C55x processors. Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling can be used to maximize the battery life for different operating conditions, allowing up to 40 percent additional battery life compared to earlier C55x processors.


C5504 and C5505 total power consumption

Power Consumption


<0.15 mW/MHz

60 MHz

<0.22 mW/MHz

120 MHz

<0.27 mW/MHz

150 MHz


The C5504 DSP provides a low-cost solution with the right combination of performance and standby and active power levels for emerging portable applications that require up to 256 kB on-chip memory, such as portable voice recorders and MP3 players. The C5505 DSP builds on the C5504 by adding an additional 64 kB on-chip memory, an integrated display controller and fast Fourier transform (FFT) hardware acceleration for end equipments such as noise-cancellation headphones, musical instruments, medical monitoring, biometrics and seismic sensors.

Both devices are pin-to-pin and software compatible, offering the same energy efficiency and performance with a different peripheral set. This allows system designers to develop one platform that bridges different price markets by migrating between processors.


C5504 features and benefits



Highly-integrated high-speed USB 2.0, I2S, UART, SPI, MMC/SD and GPIOs

Enables more user-friendly portable features and reduces system cost


256 kB of on-chip memory

Reduces the need for external memory, saving both power and system cost

16-bit dual-MAC CPU

Integrates a highly energy efficient digital signal processing core for audio, voice and smart sensor applications


C5505 features and benefits



Builds on C5504 with an additional 64 kB on-chip memory (320kB total)


Eliminates the need for external memory, saving cost and power and offering fast access to application and data

Up to 1024-point programmable FFT hardware accelerator


Increases computational throughput while providing energy efficiency for a long battery life and a reduction in total system power

Augments peripherals available on C5504, integrating an LCD display controller and 10-bit 4-channel successive approximation (SAR) ADC

Provides seamless and flexible connections to media, analog devices and other processors, reducing overall system cost


Pricing and availability

            The TMS320C5504 DSP is priced at $6.20 in quantities of 1,000 units (1 ku). Both devices are sampling now. The TMS320C5505 is priced at $7.45 US in quantities of 1,000 units. The C5504 and C5505 are the latest processor in TI’s growing portfolio of approximately 36 ultra-low-power DSPs and development resources.

            With an extensive portfolio of ultra-low-power devices, including the lowest power DSPs, the lowest power floating-point DSPs, ultra-low-power MSP430™ microcontrollers and power management solutions, TI continues to lead the market with innovative, energy-efficient solutions.


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