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TI Expands Math Nspired Lesson Resource Center with Free Digital Content for Calculus, Algebra 2

New modules focus on key concepts using TI-Nspire Technology

Oct 20, 2010

DALLAS, Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Calculus and Algebra 2 teachers now have new resources to help them quickly and effectively bring technology-based digital content into their math classrooms. Texas Instruments has unveiled its most recent additions to Math Nspired, a free lesson resource center, to include Calculus and Algebra 2.

After the launch of Algebra 1 Nspired and Geometry Nspired, the first Math Nspired modules, educators asked Texas Instruments to expand its offering to include Calculus and Algebra 2. These two subjects now are included in the graduation requirements of many states requiring four years of math. With more students than ever taking these subjects, math educators need more tools and resources to help with the concepts students struggle with the most.

Texas Instruments worked with dozens of educators to develop these technology-based lessons to ensure that they complement existing curricula and align with textbook and common core standards. These lessons include teacher notes to effectively prepare and conduct each lesson, TI-Nspire activity documents to explore concepts using TI-Nspire technology, and activities teachers can customize for their students.

"We looked at national and state test scores to identify areas where student performance indicated 'tough to learn' concepts. Algebra 2 Nspired and Calculus Nspired represent investments in educators, their students and math education," said Tom ***, professor at Oregon State University who consulted with TI on the content development. "It was critical that we develop lesson resource modules that Algebra 2 and Calculus teachers could readily use to help their students understand the important mathematics."

Texas Instruments also has redesigned the Download Center and Activities Exchange areas of www.education.ti.com, consolidating into one location all the downloadable resources that the company offers teachers, parents and students. From a single location, teachers can now search across all activity resources, including Math Nspired and the Activities Exchange.

"The new Math Nspired subjects along with the improved resource center portal are responses to what our customers want," said Melendy Lovett, president of TI's Education Technology business. "Teachers told us they wanted an easier and faster way to get the resources they're looking for. We built the new portal to put all of the resources we offer into one location to make it faster and easier for educators."

Math Nspired also offers optional, fee-based professional development that can be tailored to individual educators, schools and districts. Professional development is available online, in face-to-face workshops or a combination of the two.

For more information or to access the free digital content, visit Math Nspired at http://www.mathnspired.com and the Activities Exchange at http://education.ti.com/calculators/downloads/US/

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