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Texas Instruments unleashes industry's most powerful wireless base station SoC, equipping manufacturers and operators with the technology to deliver the promise of 4G

TCI6616 doubles the performance of any 3G/4G SoC on the market, simplifying wireless base station design with new floating-point capabilities

Nov 9, 2010

DALLAS, Nov. 9, 2010 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- LTE NORTH AMERICA -- As operators worldwide strive to increase their network capacity in more cost effective ways and keep ahead of swelling user data consumption, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today unveiled the industry's first wireless base station System-on-Chip (SoC) with the 4G class performance required to tame the wireless data deluge. Built as a wireless data engine from its inception, the TMS320TCI6616 SoC is based on TI's new TMS320C66x digital signal processor (DSP) generation using TI's new KeyStone multicore architecture, and delivers more than double the performance of any 3G/4G SoC in the market. The TCI6616 also boasts the industry's first multicore DSP that processes both fixed- and floating-point math, an innovative capability that simplifies wireless base station software design.

To facilitate customers' development of more robust, multimode base stations that help operators optimize their spectral, financial and network resources, TI developed the TCI6616 SoC incorporating three critical elements: field proven PHY technology, an autonomous packet processing engine and programmable DSPs enabling full multicore entitlement.

Implemented as configurable coprocessors, TI PHYs enable Software Defined Radio (SDR) which allows operators to migrate to emerging standards without needing external components. Autonomous packet processing in the TCI6616 manages packets from both core and radio networks, offloading packet processing and freeing cycles for algorithms that enhance spectral efficiency. The autonomous operation of the packet coprocessors simplifies design and reduces costs for developers. Together, these configurable coprocessors, which target all major wireless standards, yield the performance equivalent of over 250 DSPs.

The TCI6616 delivers unprecedented programmable performance with TI's new C66x DSP cores, which boast five times more processing performance than any other DSPs, as seen in the independent BDTI benchmarks. The four C66x DSP cores in the TCI6616 provide the performance needed for custom IP implementations that base station developers rely on for product differentiation. Additionally, TI's new multicore KeyStone architecture effectively manages the competition for processing resources and offers the first true network-on-chip infrastructure to unleash full multicore entitlement.

"Our TCI6616 SoC is going to shake things up as there is no other base station technology in the market that solves operators' challenges like ours," said Brian Glinsman, general manager of TI's communications infrastructure business. "We are delivering on all fronts of performance, price and innovation. TI's PHY technology, packet coprocessor and multiple DSP cores work together to provide developers a SoC with immense compute power ideally suited for the challenges of 4G networks."

Key features and benefits:

  • First base station SoC based on powerful new C66x DSPs and TI Keystone multicore architecture, enabling scalability and portability from macro to small cells while reducing product development expenses;
  • Only solution featuring PHY coprocessors for every 3G and 4G standard, including WCDMA chip rate and LTE bit rate, simplifying 3G to 4G migration (no FPGA/ASIC required);
  • Innovative new C66x DSP core integrates fixed- and floating-point support at unprecedented  speeds, allowing developers to more efficiently implement advanced floating point algorithms with minimal design and conversion effort;
  • High performance network coprocessor provides L2 and transport acceleration for all wireless base station standards, automating core and radio network packet processing;
  • KeyStone system elements such as Multicore Navigator and Open Navigator programming interface bring single-core simplicity to multicore SoCs;
  • Industry leading power reduction technologies, including TI's SmartReflex™ power management techniques, memory retention and dynamic power management, deliver lowest power levels for base stations;
  • High-performance 40-nm process technology ensures robust programmable performance and unmatched value for base station developers.

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