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TI and its ecosystem partners showcase new mobile dimensions at Mobile World Congress 2011

TI's booth (Hall 8, 8A84) impresses with demonstrations that illustrate the breadth of mobile experiences and the performance of the OMAP™ 4 platform

Feb 14, 2011

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Together with key ecosystem partners at Mobile World Congress, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) is showcasing numerous mobile experiences fueled by OMAP™ 4 processors running on Linux, Android and QNX operating systems. These demonstrations unveil multiple possibilities enabled by application software ported to TI's OMAP platform, and illustrate the most compelling use cases for the mobile device industry, including: Web browsing and rich Adobe® Flash® based content, augmented reality, touchless gestures, stereoscopic 3D in video, gaming and user interfaces, content-protected streaming services, and high-definition (HD) mobile video teleconferencing. The showcases emphasize the range of applications made possible by high-performance, low-power OMAP technology combined with optimized software from TI and TI's ecosystem partners.  Mobile World Congress (MWC) attendees can get a first-hand experience of key technologies and meet with TI's ecosystem partners at TI's booth (Hall 8, 8A84). Full details of TI's show activities are available at www.ti.com/mwc2011.

"Our broad ecosystem represents a melting pot of more than 300 innovators dedicated to bringing TI OMAP processor-based designs to life," said Fred Cohen, director of the wireless OMAP ecosystem, TI. "Our strategic partnerships with mobile software leaders bring advanced capabilities from the drawing board to an optimized and proven implementation, which our customers can use to differentiate their products. This cooperation advances at an increasing pace, as disruptive technologies and new user domains continue to fuel creative applications, and change the way people interact with and use mobile devices. TI and our partners are at the forefront of the new mobile age and will continue to develop the trend-setting mobile experiences of the future."

Visit TI's MWC booth for game-changing demonstrations, focused on key user domains:

Web browsing: TI's OMAP 4 platform delivers optimized browser functions including page load, zoom, pan and scroll, and accelerates Adobe Flash Player 10 with video decode, graphics rendering, scaling, transforming and compositing operations in hardware, to give users a fluid and enjoyable mobile Web browsing experience.

TI and Adobe demo an Android 2.2-based browser running Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR® 2.5 on TI's Blaze™ tablet development platform (TDP) with an Arcsoft user interface.

Augmented reality (AR): OMAP technologies strengthen AR applications such as AR browsers, mobile merchandising and mobile social networking, with HD graphics rendering, face detection, 3D face tracking, marker-less tracking and more.

TI and ecosystem partners Metaio, Viewdle, Invensense and Total Immersion provide a glimpse of augmented reality features to come, running on the Blaze MDP.

Gestures and Stereoscopic 3D (S3D): With features such as its dual-core ARM® Cortex™-A9, powerful graphic and video accelerators, image signal processing, a DSP for specific algorithms like 2D-to-3D conversion, auto-convergence, and a gesture recognition engine, TI's OMAP 4 platform sets the stage for developing touchless gesture- and (auto) S3D-enabled mobile devices.  

TI and Rightware demo advanced S3D user interfaces and S3D video playback on the Blaze MDP. Together with Digital Aria, TI is also demonstrating an educational application that makes you travel through our planetary system in S3D with touchless gesture control.

3D gaming: To deliver the ultimate, immersive mobile gaming experiences, game publishers and engine providers use the full range of capabilities on the mobile device's applications processor, pushing the requirements of the graphic subsystem, using high definition videos, textures, S3D and touchless gesture capabilities—all of which are uniquely enabled by TI's OMAP 4 platform.  

TI and HI CORPORATION showcase a shooter game in S3D on Blaze MDP, using MascotCapsule® eruptionST S3D middleware. TI also highlights a top-selling game from Gameloft, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell adapted for S3D rendering, and Stonetrip will present its ShiVaS3D engine running a game ported and optimized on the OMAP 4 platform. TI gaming and mobile computing demos leverage WHDI™ technology from Amimon to reflect mobile device display content to a large external TV or monitor, over a wireless connection, in 1080p resolution, providing excellent user experience without any notable latency.

HD mobile video teleconferencing (VTC): With its rich multimedia capabilities and low power requirements, the OMAP platform uniquely drives HD mobile VTC features, without draining device battery life, to create personalized, on-the-go communication experiences.  

TI, Path Partner and Skype demo a Skype-based, peer-to-peer video call at 720p. TI and Ittiam also demo high-quality, multi-party SIP based VTC with four participants communicating with each other on the Blaze MDP.  

Content-protected streaming services: The OMAP 4 platform, complete with TI's M-Shield™ security technology, plays a vital part in protecting the content we stream from the Web to our mobile devices, as well as shielding these devices from malware and other attacks. Its inherent features also safely enable applications like mobile banking and e-shopping.

TI highlights the OMAP 4 platform's M-Shield security features on Android, through a Netflix HD video streaming demo with Microsoft Play Ready™ DRM scheme and Trusted Logic DRM agent.

What TI's ecosystem partners are saying about the market and TI technology:

"With today's mobile devices, consumers expect a full browsing experience and rich applications. By working closely with TI and the powerful OMAP 4 platform, we have achieved new performance levels with Flash Player and Adobe AIR." – Ginger Staffanson, Director, Business Development, Flash Platform, Adobe

"DigitalAria's Science Today program brings education to a whole new level, with S3D content that presents stunning, interactive experiences for students and consumers alike. The S3D content is complimented by rich graphics and gesture recognition capabilities, which are fueled by TI's OMAP 4 platform. We are thrilled to work with TI to drive this new world of enhanced, S3D content, and to demonstrate our latest capabilities at MWC 2011." – PhD. Choong Hwan Lee, CTO, DigitalAria Co., Ltd

"We are very pleased to partner with TI to showcase one of the first S3D games at MWC. Gameloft has always been ahead of the curve, anticipating technological innovations to continually offer the highest quality of games our customers expect. The power of TI's OMAP4430 processor enables us to bring revolutionary features to our games, including a new full S3D mode that projects players deep into the action. We enter now a new era for digital gaming on Smartphones, and can promise that the next generation of games will be an impressive one." – Michel Guillemot, President, Gameloft

"As a leading provider of augmented reality software products, Metaio's vision for this market is computationally intensive. Taking AR to the next level requires marker-less object detection and tracking, which is uniquely fueled by TI's multicore OMAP 4 platform. We are very happy to join forces with a leading chipset manufacturer like TI to make computer vision-based AR scalable and attainable for the mobile world. The OMAP 4 platform helps us best optimize performance on both the hardware and software side to create solutions that will drive the AR future." – Dr. Thomas Alt, CEO, Metaio

"We're excited to work with TI, and to demonstrate the results of our collaboration here at MWC. TI's robust OMAP 4 platform capabilities and secure architecture make it an ideal solution to help us bring the Netflix Instant Watching application to end devices." – Bill Holmes, Vice President Business Development, Netflix

"HD stereoscopic 3D (S3D) user interfaces have become the prime differentiator for Smartphones and tablets. We're proud to bring the Kanzi UI Solution – the first S3D-capable commercial UI offering – to the scene in order to enable unprecedented UI innovations and richer user experiences for mobile devices. With its fast dual-core CPU, high performance GPU, dedicated video accelerator, and versatile display subsystem, TI's powerful OMAP 4 processor is the perfect enabler for our Kanzi UI Solution to deliver breakthrough advancements that will drive the market forward." – Tero Sarkkinen, CEO, Rightware

"TI's OMAP processors deliver exceptional high-performance capabilities to mobile devices, and Stonetrip is proud to be associated with TI and OMAP as a technology partner. We view this increasing technological capacity as crucial to bringing mobile apps and games to a mass audience, and our 3D engine, ShiVa3D, is designed to make creating advanced apps and games as easy as possible for developers across multiple mobile platforms." – Philip Belhassen, CEO, Stonetrip

"In the rapid growth markets of all open consumer devices, Trusted Logic is delighted to be TI's key security partner. This successful, long-term relationship enables us to together bring the most advanced features – from mobile financial services to premium content distribution and corporate services – to various OMAP processor-based devices that leverage ARM® TrustZone® architecture." – Olivier Leger, VP and General Manager, Professional and Consumer Devices, Trusted Logic

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