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Texas Instruments Introduces New Scientific Calculator

TI-36X Pro Brings More Functionality to Scientific Calculator Line

May 16, 2011

DALLAS, May 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Texas Instruments today announced the latest addition to its line of scientific calculators — the TI-36X Pro scientific calculator.

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TI's newest and most advanced scientific calculator features a high-quality MultiView™ display and MathPrint™ capability. Enhanced math functionality makes the TI-36X Pro scientific calculator ideal for computer science and engineering courses. It also can be used in high school and college algebra 1 and 2, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, pre-calculus, calculus, biology, chemistry, physics or in classes where graphing calculators may not be permitted.

One of the many new features available on the TI-36X Pro scientific calculator is the ability for users to select among three mathematical problem solvers — numeric equation, polynomial, and system of linear equations. This means students have more tools for learning and exploring math and science concepts.

The TI-36X Pro scientific calculator enables users to determine the numeric derivative and integral for real functions. Users also can readily perform one- and two-variable analysis, and display six different regression models. The TI-36X Pro scientific calculator includes a vector and matrix entry window feature similar to the matrix functionality of graphing calculators. The TI-36 Pro scientific calculator also can perform complex number arithmetic.

Users also can choose from nine physical constants that can be inserted into various windows and an easy-to-use menu that includes 18 Metric/English conversions. The TI-36X Pro scientific calculator can store real numbers and complex numbers to one of seven available memory variables. The calculator also includes a toggle function that allows users to switch between fraction and decimal formats.

The MultiView display simultaneously renders input and output calculations on a larger, easier-to-read LCD display screen. The display screen supports up to four lines with 16 characters on each line.

MathPrint displays math expressions, symbols, and stacked fractions in the same formats as those used in textbooks without adapting to a technical syntax. The TI-36X Pro also features the ability to scroll through entry lines and edit functions, allowing students to review input data and make changes in a manner similar to graphing calculators.

The TI-36X Pro scientific calculator is battery powered with solar cell assistance to lengthen the battery life. With a slim profile, it weighs about 5 ounces and measures 7.25 inches tall, 3.3 inches wide, and .75 inches thick.

It is available at most major office supply stores. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $25. Retail prices may vary. For more information about the TI-36X Pro scientific calculator or other TI calculators, visit education.ti.com.

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