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TI introduces simple-to-use OpenLink™ Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® connectivity inside the WiLink™ 6.0 solution for AM18x Sitara™ ARM® Microprocessors

For the first time, Sitara ARM MPU-based devices can leverage pre-integrated, community-backed mac80211 Wi-Fi and BlueZ Bluetooth drivers for cost-effective access point applications

Jul 11, 2011

DALLAS, July 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today premiered its first module platform housing the WiLink™ 6.0 (WL1271) single-chip, wireless combo solution with TI's open source, Linux-based OpenLink™ drivers. The OpenLink drivers are built on the community-validated mac80211 Wi-Fi driver and BlueZ Bluetooth® protocol stack. The first in a series of such open source platforms from TI, the new WiLink 6.0 OpenLink platform is pre-integrated with TI's AM18x Sitara™ ARM® microprocessors (MPUs). This enables customers developing industrial or point-of-service applications on cost-effective ARM MPUs to easily introduce reliable, low-power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technologies. More information can be found here:  www.ti.com/am18x-pr

Introducing OpenLink Wi-Fi access points

Today's release also signifies the first time TI's customers can easily repurpose Sitara ARM MPU-based designs as Wi-Fi access points via the new WiLink 6.0 OpenLink platform. OpenLink technology offers mobile-grade, battery-optimized Wi-Fi connectivity supporting native Linux designs, giving customers tested wireless technologies that can be easily re-integrated into designs as they migrate from one kernel version to the next. Additionally, TI's mac80211 Wi-Fi driver is optimized to maximize system level throughput.

As a result, battery-friendly customer products built on Sitara ARM MPUs can serve as a mobile Wi-Fi gateway or support peer-to-peer file transfers with other Wi-Fi enabled devices. These capabilities eliminate the need for external access points and create new opportunities for unique use cases depending on mobile, self-networking devices.

The quick-start experience and other key features

The AM18x Sitara ARM EVM + WL1271 Development Kit is the latest version of TI's original AM18x Sitara ARM EVM and includes elements that create a unique, quick-start experience right out of the box. Meaning a user can be up and running with a demo application in 30 minutes or less.

Other key features include:



OpenLink™ open source drivers
(Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies)

  • Native Linux connectivity solutions
  • Simplified re-integration with Linux kernel upgrades
  • Peer-tested technologies

Predefined, validated hardware interfaces and software functionality

  • Minimized risk and design trade-off analysis

WPA supplicant, hostapd, BlueZ Stack, Open Obex software profiles

  • Inclusion of all components required for end-to-end connectivity functionality
  • First-time availability of soft access point via AM18x Sitara ARM EVM

Integrated system components
(all firmware, low-level drivers and applications)

  • Reduced engineering costs, faster time-to-market

Optimized system-level power consumption and throughput

  • Lower power, higher throughput in complex system use cases

Robust TI E2E community and third party support

  • Innovation through collaboration
  • Faster time-to-market

Pricing and availability

The production-ready WiLink 6.0 (WL1271) OpenLink module is packaged as a daughter card and bundled in the AM18x Sitara ARM EVM + WL1271 Development Kit, priced at $1,150.00. For customers already working on an AM18x Sitara ARM EVM, the standalone daughter card is available for $249. [Note: The WiLink 6.0 OpenLink daughter card is compatible with all existing AM18x Sitara ARM EVMs, except the AM1810 Sitara ARM MPU.]

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