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TI’s new, lowest-power OMAP-L1x DSP + ARM® processor allows development of cost-sensitive products with real-time processing and fast network connectivity

Aug 29, 2011

DALLAS (Aug. 29, 2011) – Today, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) introduced its OMAP-L132 DSP + ARM® processor, the lowest cost and lowest power processor in the OMAP-L1x DSP + ARM processor generation. This newest DSP + ARM processor enables real-time, fixed- and floating-point signal processing, connectivity and communication starting at $8.55. The OMAP-L132 processor allows entry into cost-sensitive markets and is well suited for power-efficient communications and industrial applications such as:


·         Software defined radios: Ideal for public safety radios (PSRs), the integrated DSP core enables support for wireless protocol-specific functions, including signal filtering, modulation/demodulation and modem functions. The ARM allows user system management, control and connectivity. The OMAP-L132 processor offers a cost-effective solution for PSRs, allowing budget-restricted public safety officials to purchase more radios to help protect even more people.


·         Programmable automation controllers (PAC): PACs are compact controllers that combine the powerful mathematical processing and precise real-time response capability of a DSP with a PC or a digital computer to automate factory machine equipment and control the motor movement parameters such as steps, direction and speed. The ARM core enables high-level system control, communications and user interfaces. PACs based on the OMAP-L132 processor can help make the factory floor safer and more efficient, reducing factory production costs. PACs can also eliminate risk by preventing human exposure to hazardous equipment and materials.


 The OMAP-L132 is software and pin compatible with several existing TMS320C674x and ARM9™-based devices in TI’s portfolio, including the OMAP-L138 DSP + ARM processor and AM18x ARM microprocessors, enabling developers to quickly and easily reuse software and hardware investments to add or remove functionality and expand their product portfolios. With access to TI’s C6EZRun and C6EZAccel software development tools, developers unfamiliar with DSP can easily develop software on the DSP to achieve unmatched real-time performance while freeing-up the ARM for system control, communications and connectivity. C6EZRun quickly ports ARM code through front-end build scripts to run on the DSP while C6EZAccel provides ARM-side APIs that offer easy access to more than 100 optimized DSP kernels, allowing system developers to add differentiation without needing to write DSP code.


OMAP-L132 processor features and benefits



Low power consumption with 370 mW typical active and 11mW in sleep mode

Allows developers to implement portable or fan-less applications

Integrates a low-power, fixed- and floating-point C674x DSP and ARM9 core at up to 200 MHz each

·         DSP offers real-time system performance with floating-point operations for high-precision and wide dynamic range and fixed-point operations for even higher performance

·         ARM enables system control, communications and connectivity

Integrated peripherals, including Ethernet MAC (EMAC), multimedia card/secure digital (MMC/SD) port and high-speed USB 2.0

Ethernet MAC enables fast network connectivity and the MMC/SD port and high-speed USB 2.0 allow developers to quickly connect a high capacity storage drive or other portable memory interfaces


Pricing and availability

Samples of the OMAP-L132 processors are available today with industrial temperature ranges and secure boot options. Production pricing starts at $8.55 in 10,000-unit quantities. TI’s free C6EZRun and C6EZAccel software development tools are available for download. TI also offers devices in the C5000™ ultra-low-power DSP platform for developers needing lower power options. Analog power management circuits that support OMAP-L132 and C5000 ultra-low-power DSPs are also available.



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