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First TI Logo
When the name Texas Instruments was finalized, Erik Jonsson began thinking about an official company logo. He enageged Torger (Torg) Thompson, an artist with the advertising agency that had handled GSI's business, to design the TI logo. "How much will you charge?" Jonsson asked. "Five hundred dollars," Thompson replied. Both men agreed. It was a fair price. After several revisions, the artist presented Jonsson an acceptable logo design, essentially the same TI has used ever since, although the lines of a ragged Texas coastline would be smoothed out in later revisions of the design. It would affectionately be called the "TI bug" by employees. Jonsson, always frugal with the company's cash, offered Thompson 500 shares of the new company's unlisted stock instead of the $500. "It may be worth a lot more someday," Jonsson said. Thompson replied, "I'll take the cash."