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C2000 Resonant LLC Isolated Half Bridge DC/DC Developer’s Kit (TMDSHVRESLLCKIT)

(TMDSHVRESLLCKIT) is based on a single C2000™ Piccolo MCU with integrated high-performance analog, PWMs and other control-oriented peripherals to reduce system cost. Software configurable tuning allows for more flexibility to adjust power stages to support multiple end-product requirements, as opposed to time-intensive redesign of system hardware. The kit includes all of the hardware and software required to be up and running in 10 minutes or less. Additional features and benefits include:

· Complete hardware and software allows designers to quickly evaluate a digitally controlled isolated DC/DC power supply

· Input range supporting 380-400VDC with a regulated output of 12VDC, supporting up to 300 Watts at a peak efficiency of 93.7%