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Texas Instruments launches ExamCalc™ software for use with Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Online Assessments

Jun 20, 2013

DALLAS, June 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- As the majority of states implement online exams for assessment of Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Texas Instruments (TI) is announcing a new program to make its ExamCalc™ software available to assessment providers for inclusion in states' selected CCSS summative assessments.  ExamCalc™ software provides states with online versions of the TI-84 Plus graphing, TI-30XS MultiView™ scientific and TI-108 elementary calculators, for use during CCSS online exams.

To remove cost barriers, TI's ExamCalc™ software is offered under a commercial license and maintenance agreement without commercial license fees.

Based on research and development with educator input, ExamCalc™ software is designed to meet expected platform requirements of state education offices and CCSS Consortia and provides graphing, scientific and elementary calculator tools with the required features for assessment of Common Core Mathematical Standards.

"For years, educators have told us that students do best on exams when they have access to the same math technology that is used during classroom instruction. For states moving to online testing for Common Core Mathematics exams, educators and students can benefit from ExamCalc™ software that extends the proven benefits of TI calculators for improving student achievement to online testing situations," said Melendy Lovett, president of Texas Instruments Education Technology.

By making the ExamCalc™ software available to providers and states that deliver CCSS online assessments, TI is helping to enhance mathematical assessment tools, align assessment and classroom instruction technology, and promote student achievement.

TI is best known for the calculators widely recommended by educators for math instruction.  With today's announcement TI now provides new ExamCalc™ software, along with support programs that include hundreds of free,  ready-to-use, research-based classroom activities that support the Common Core Mathematics standards and practices.  In addition, TI offers  professional development designed to prepare educators for the Common Core math classroom — particularly in algebra, geometry, and statistics.  For more information, please visit education.ti.com/us/ccss.

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